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Spot's Journal

because they fucking MADE me

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(Character for the donnellyschool RPG.)

This is so fucking stupid.


Full Name: Sean Fitzpatrick Conlon
Age: 16
Birthday: November 13th
Year: Junior
Family/background: Spot's father is considered by many to be the greatest living American author, and his mother is the world's most famous female cellist. They both not only attended the Donnelly School, but have contributed quite a few donations over the years, including the money that built Conlon Quad, in which our erstwhile heroes carry out their day-to-day existence. So it's no surprise that they demanded Spot follow in their illustrious footsteps. He's not too thrilled about this, being convinced that he has no artistic talent whatsoever, and misses his friends back home.
Likes: Comic books, arguing, being in control of every situation at all times, the swish of autumn leaves around his feet (shh!), his super sekrit artistic talent, and croissants.
Dislikes: This journal, this school, everyone in this school especially his roommate, kittens.
Favorite/least favorite class: Super sekrit class/super sekrit class (all will be revealed!).
Appearance/style: Scrawny, short, and slightly malnourished-looking, Spot often looks like you could knock him over with a feather. (It's not advisable that you try.) Despite this--or more likely because of it--he carries himself with an aggressive ferocity. He's not one to focus on clothes and owns maybe three pairs of jeans, one with holes that render them indecent, and one pair of very scuffed shoes (like his soul). (Margot is watching me type this and would like me to note that Spot's wardrobe makes Race cry.) All the scruffiness in the world, however, cannot hide the fact that Spot is little-boy pretty, despite his sunken eyes and surly demeanor. He hates that.
Personality: Spot's hating on life. He's angry for very little reason, considering he's a child of privilege with loving parents and all his fingers and toes. He's extremely uncomfortable around his roommate and pretty much anybody who's gay, bi, or questioning. That said, he's fiercely loyal, passionate when he feels a subject or cause to be worthy, willing to take on any fight, particularly one that's already lost, and a damn good kisser. Says "fuck" a lot.